ICEBERG Watermelon Mint Gum Strong
  • 20mg/g

  • Fruity

  • Slim

ICEBERG Watermelon Mint Gum Strong

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ICEBERG Watermelon Mint Gum Strong Snus Try?

Experiencing ultimate sweetness and freshness all in one? Then the powerful Mint Watermelon Gum is the option for you to satisfy your needs to perfection!

Why buy the Mint Watermelon Gum?

The reasons for buying the Iceberg Mint Watermelon Gum are fairly diverse. After all, there is a reason why they are selling like hot cakes. Especially when you've given these nicotine bags a chance for the first time, you'll understand what most others mean. Think of benefits such as:

  • Perfect fusion of flavours:First of all, there is the perfect fusion of flavours. The powerful peppermint with the sweet watermelon; a better combination could hardly be imagined. The refreshing sensation left in your mouth is second to none.

  • A kick to remember:Thereby, you experience a kick to remember. Thanks to the high (20 mg/g) of nicotine, you notice a real energy boost. It's a kick you'll enjoy for a long time. And one that does taste like more!

  • Comfortable perfection:In addition to the flavour and kick, the Iceberg Mint Watermelon Gum also just feels really comfortable. Thanks to the smart fit, the size is perfectly adjusted to the space between your lips and gums. This is how you really maximise the potency of these nicotine pouches.
Already excited by the attractive features of the Iceberg Mint Watermelon Gum? Then now is the time to stock up nicely!