Iceberg Limited Edition Strawberry Banana Gum
  • 50mg/g

  • Fruity

  • Slim

Iceberg Limited Edition Strawberry Banana Gum

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ICEBERG Strawberry Banana Gum is one of the flavors available in the 50mg/g Bubblegum series of ICEBERG pouches. The sensation provided by these nicotine pouches is unparalleled. Experienced users are drawn to this product because of its high nicotine content of 50 mg/g. 

A fruit salad flavor with a clean bubble gum finish is how many ICEBERG Strawberry Banana Gum fans have described its taste. Because there is no ash, smoke, or tobacco, using a nicotine pouch is much more pleasant. 

What Nicotine Percentage is in ICEBERG STRAWBERRY BANANA GUM? 

ICEBERG Strawberry Banana Gum has a nicotine content of 50 mg/g, so it's recommended only for heavy smokers. Because of the additional effects of changes in moisture and pH on the body and mind, nicotine packs are far more potent than their nicotine concentration indicates. 

Cellulose, baking soda, edible salt, distilled water, propylene glycol, sucralose, food flavoring, food flavor enhancer, and nicotine are the main ingredients in ICEBERG Strawberry Banana Gum. There's no tobacco in it - making it a whole new experience. 

20 nicotine pouches are included in each can. 

The Benefits of the ICEBERG STRAWBERRY BANANA GUM Nicotine Pouches 

  • Discrete and practical.
  • Easy to use.
  • Convenient way to keep nicotine under control.
  • It tastes and smells fantastic.
  • More respectful towards your loved ones and environment.
  • No exposure to passive smoking.
  • They are not addictive.
  • Available nicotine concentrations range from 6 mg to 100 mg. 


The portioned pouches are extremely easy to use. Consumers place a pre-packaged portion between their lips and gums. As the contents soak into the mouth, the nicotine and flavor slowly diffuse into the saliva and bloodstream. 

A pouch differs from other oral tobacco products because it does not produce juice waste that must be spat out. This makes it one of the cleanest methods of obtaining nicotine.


More Info on ICEBERG 

NEOPTOLEM produces the ICERBERG brand, including the 50mg/g Bubblegum series of which ICEBERG Strawberry Banana Gum is a part. 

NEOPTOLEM also offers products for intermediate users with a taste similar to those of this series as for example the ICEBERG Bubblegum which contains 20mg/g of nicotine and a sweet and fresh flavor.