ICEBERG Ice Mint Chewing Bags
ICEBERG Ice Mint Chewing Bags
  • 43mg/g

  • Mint

  • Slim

ICEBERG Ice Mint Chewing Bags

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This product contains tobacco

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ICEBERG Ice Mint Chew Bags are certainly well-known among chewing tobacco users. They are not for cowards or beginners as they have a very high nicotine strength (43mg/g). 

You feel the intense nicotine kick after just a few minutes and sometimes the effect lasts for more than an hour.

 Is there a difference between Chew Bags and nicotine pouches? Yes. Chew Bags are filled with cut, non-fermented tobacco, while nicotine pouches contain fermented, finely ground tobacco. The flavour develops slightly slower with cut tobacco than with ground tobacco.

Simply pop one in your mouth, give it a light chew, and feel the ingredients start to work their magic. Once moistened, tuck it into your cheek pouch or under your upper lip, and enjoy the long-lasting effect that can sometimes linger for over an hour.

So if you're ready to elevate your chewing tobacco experience, grab a pack of ICEBERG Ice Mint Chew Bags today and savor the bold flavor and powerful nicotine hit!