Iceberg Cool Mint - 20mg/g
Iceberg Cool Mint - 20mg/g
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Iceberg Cool Mint - 20mg/g

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Iceberg Cool Mint Snus

Is the feeling of fresh breath a basic requirement for you to feel good? And are you also looking for a regular kick to get you through the day? Then for you, the best of both worlds comes together in the highly sought-after Iceberg Cool Mint!

The benefits of Iceberg Cool Mint nicotine pouches

It is ultimately the specific benefits of the Cool Mint nicotine pouches that are the deciding factor for most people. You yourself are probably also looking for just that one product that goes the extra mile. The following points are precisely what make this nicotine pouch so unique:

  • Ultra-fresh flavour:The biggest advantage of these nicotine pouches is the ultra-fresh flavour anyway. Thanks to Iceberg Cool Mint, experience how fresh mint and menthol should taste. Especially for the true mint lover, this is going to be an unforgettable experience. The explosion of cold menthol and peppermint offers the ultimate freshness you are looking for. This will make your whole mouth feel fresh again in one go.

  • Relatively high nicotine content:At the same time, this pouch also comes with a relatively high nicotine content. Thus, it has a concentration of 20mg/g, giving you a true energy boost. It is therefore an ideal option for the moderate smoker for good reason. You experience the same nicotine kick, without experiencing a lingering tobacco aroma. In other words; the Iceberg Cool Mint is well worth trying.

  • Optimal fit:To add the finishing touches, this brand opts for a special smart fit. This ensures that the pouch itself fits perfectly between your upper lip and gums. Without it starting to chafe or irritate. As a result, the entire experience is one that meets the highest standards.

Wondering if you experience these pouches as a positive surprise yourself? Then order your personal stock now!