ICEBERG Cherry Apricot Gum Strong
  • 20mg/g

  • Fruity

  • Slim

ICEBERG Cherry Apricot Gum Strong

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Iceberg Cherry Apricot Gum Nicotine Pouches

Are you a true fruit lover who also loves a delicious nicotine kick? Then the Iceberg Cherry Apricot Gum is going to be the perfect nicotine pouch for you!

Cherry Apricot Gum benefits

The Cherry Apricot Gum has only recently really been 'discovered' by the general public. As a result, we very clearly notice that demand is rising considerably. This has everything to do with the following benefits:

  • Flavour explosion of brilliance:Expect a taste explosion of brilliance with the unique combination of flavours in the Iceberg Cherry Apricot Gum nicotine pouches. The taste of cherries and apricots come together in a way you haven't experienced before. Experience it for yourself!

  • Attractive nicotine kick:In addition, an extremely powerful nicotine kick awaits you. Think of an energy boost that you will enjoy for a long time. Even for more experienced users, this is something you will definitely feel throughout your body.

  • Fits perfectly:The ideal scenario? A nicotine sachet that fits perfectly between your lips and gums. And let that be exactly the case with the Iceberg Cherry Apricot Gum nicotine bags. These are specially adapted to the shape of your mouth for optimum ease of use.

So are you a big fan of fruity flavours yourself? And do you prefer to combine this with the powerful kick of a high amount of nicotine? Then don't wait any longer and place your order today. In no time you will receive a nice supply at home and discover whether the Cherry Apricot Gum nicotine pouches have become your new favourite option from now on!