Iceberg Arasaka - 20mg/g
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Iceberg Arasaka - 20mg/g

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Buy Iceberg Arasaka Medium Snus?

A lover of a fruity undertone in your potent nicotine sachets? Then the Iceberg Arasaka is a hit for you thanks to its irresistible peach flavour!

The benefits of Iceberg Arasaka nicotine sachets

The Iceberg Arasaka nicotine pouches have been extremely popular for a while now. Indeed, this is a product that is unique for several reasons. So if you like to go for a new and exciting choice, you are currently at the right place. Enjoy the following benefits of the Iceberg Arasaka nicotine pouches:

  • Unmatched sweet peach flavour:The unmatched sweet peach flavour of the Iceberg Arasaka is the main reason for choosing this product. This is because these nicotine sachets smell and taste great. After one sachet, you immediately crave the next. It is one of the best options for the real sweet tooth. A great taste sensation that will keep you thinking about it for a long time.

  • Perfect energy boost: Once you have recovered from the overwhelmingly delicious taste, you will soon notice the next effect of these pouches; the pleasant energy boost you get from them. This in turn has everything to do with the amount of nicotine in the pouches. This is because they contain 20 mg/g of nicotine. This is just enough to provide you with a highly sought-after kick.

  • Fine fit under upper lip: Finally, there is the fine fit that should not be overlooked. Indeed, when designing these nicotine pouches, Iceberg paid a lot of attention to maximum user comfort. After all, it must feel nice to put the pouches in your mouth. Thanks to the smart fit, this is perfectly possible. The shape fits perfectly between your upper lip and gums. So there is no unnecessary irritation and you are able to focus purely on the great taste.

The Iceberg Arasaka is thus well-liked for several reasons. Which of these above are most important to you?

Buy Arasaka nicotine pouches now

So are you currently looking for new nicotine pouches? And in doing so, do you think it's high time to opt for a new, sensational product? Then this is the ideal time to give Iceberg Arasaka a chance. The flavour of peach in a nicotine pouch; you don't normally come across that easily. Order a nice stock now and decide in no time to what extent you will be impressed by this option!