GRANT Ice Cool – 35mg/g
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GRANT Ice Cool – 35mg/g

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Grant Ice Cool

For the ultimate combination of a true nicotine kick and an ultra-refreshing experience, go to the Grant Ice Cool. This nicotine pouch from the top brand Grant is for many people the product they are full of praise for.

With a nicotine level of 35 mg/g, this pouch really belongs to the highest regions in terms of nicotine. The amount of nicotine provides a real boost in energy. You feel this like no other with the Grant Ice Cool!

Furthermore, the refreshing mint flavor is of course something that stands out in this pouch. The mint is maximally present and is therefore responsible for an icy fresh effect.

Do you also find it very important that the pouch fits comfortably between your upper lip and gums? Then you will be completely happy with the smart size fit in which the Grand Ice Cool nicotine pouches are delivered. According to many users, it fits perfectly!

So don't wait any longer than necessary and get your own stock of Grant Ice Cool nicotine pouches today. Test the power of this product yourself and discover why so many people are currently so positive about it.


Product details



Type: All white


Strength: Strong


Nicotine content:


Number of pouches per tray: 27 pouches
Net weight per pouch: 0.6 grams

Net weight per tray:

17 grams

Gross weight per tray:

30 grams
Available since: 2020

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