GRANT Extreme Edition – 50mg/g
GRANT Extreme Edition – 50mg/g
  • 50mg/g

  • Mint

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GRANT Extreme Edition – 50mg/g

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Grant Extreme Edition

The Grant Extreme Edition is the strongest nicotine pouch you will come across. Responsible for the ultimate nicotine kick, this is a product for the lover of an extra high intensity.

The 50 mg/g nicotine is significantly higher than with Grant's other nicotine pouches. It is not for nothing that the name 'Extreme' has been given to this product. If you are looking for a lot of nicotine, this is the perfect option for you.

To make the Grant Extreme Edition even more attractive, a delicious mint flavor has also been added. This makes the experience not only intense, but also very refreshing. The mint flavor is clearly present and gives even more value to this product.

The design also opted for a smart format. This smaller version with improved design increases user comfort. The pouch fits better between your upper lip and gums. Potential discomfort is completely minimized.

So is the Grant Extreme Edition exactly what you're looking for? And can't you wait to test this product as soon as possible? Then order it immediately!


Product details



Type: All white


Strength: Extremely strong


Taste: Icy mint


Nicotine content:


Number of pouches per tray: 27 pouches
Net weight per pouch: 0.6 grams

Net weight per tray:

17 grams

Gross weight per tray:

30 grams
Available since: 2020

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