GRANT Double Ice – 20mg/g
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GRANT Double Ice – 20mg/g

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GRANT Double Ice – 20mg/g

The Double Ice variant provides a cooling and burning snus experience in mint flavor. Grant Snus is a now well-known brand in the snus market and combines quality in combination with an attractive price-performance ratio. Because in each can are a whopping 27 nicotine pouches in slim format.The nicotine pouches of Grant Snus have a higher humidity, which ensures a faster nicotine absorption in the blood. Already after 1 minute the nicotine is clearly felt and the highest nicotine concentration is reached.

This item has a nicotine content of 20 mg/g and is suitable for already experienced users. Together with a slim profile, the nicotine content per Pouches approximately 11.5 mg of nicotine.

With GRANT you experience a powerful energy boost in one of the many flavors! Want to discover more GRANT flavors? Click >> here  <<