BLOW Red Alert – 22.5mg/g
  • 22.5mg/g

  • Fruity

  • Slim

BLOW Red Alert – 22.5mg/g

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BLOW RedAlert

The BLOW Red Alert nicotine pouches are a real challenge for the pouch enthusiast. With a nicotine level of 22.5 mg/g, there are few options that can match this. Does the idea of ​​a strong nicotine kick make you very happy? Then the BLOW Red Alert is the perfect product for you!

When you have a pouch of this type in your mouth, you quickly experience the delicious flavor combination of raspberries and mint. This is responsible for a fresh and fruity experience in one. This makes this an experience that you must experience once.

The BLOW Red Alert is available in a smart format. This means that a new fit has been chosen. It has been specially designed for maximum comfort. You clearly notice the difference with predecessors that did not fit so perfectly between the upper lip and the gums.

Are you curious about the ultimate combination of a delicious taste and a strong nicotine intensity? Then don't wait any longer and order the BLOW Red Alert now!


Product details




All white




Extra strong


Raspberries and mint


Nicotine content:


Number of pouches per tray:

20 pouches

Net weight per tray:

12 grams

Gross weight per tray:

30 grams

Available since:



Future Tobacco