BLOW Icy Blue – 22.5mg/g
  • 22.5mg/g

  • Mint

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BLOW Icy Blue – 22.5mg/g

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BLOW Icy Blue

The BLOW Icy Blue is a nicotine pouch that is ideal for the absolute lover of a strong nicotine experience. Do you like it when a product provides a nicotine kick? Then these pouches with a nicotine content of 22.5 mg/g are really the ultimate product for you!

Besides the boost you get from these pouches, the mint flavor also appeals to many people. The icy qualities of the BLOW Icy Blue are only really manifested when you taste it inside your mouth. A wonderfully refreshing feeling.

You will also find the pouches in the innovative smart fit. This is specially adapted to the space between your upper lip and your gums. This makes it feel nicer than ever to keep the nicotine pouch in your mouth.

Do these properties of the BLOW Icy Blue appeal to you? Then strike immediately by getting a small stock of this product at home. Chances are you'll have a new favorite right away!


Product details




All white




Extra strong




Nicotine content:


Number of pouches per tray:

20 pouches

Net weight per tray:

12 grams

Gross weight per tray:

30 grams

Available since:



Future Tobacco