ACE Superwhite Eucalyptus – 16mg/g
ACE Superwhite Eucalyptus – 16mg/g
  • 16mg/g

  • Mint

  • Slim

ACE Superwhite Eucalyptus – 16mg/g

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ACE. Superwhite Eucalyptus
The ACE.
Superwhite Eucalyptus is the most popular variant of the currently very popular brand ACE. The medium strength is ideal for many people to continue to enjoy the taste optimally. As with so many other flavors, ACE has. managed to hit the bull's eye again.

The clear notes of Eucalyptus and mint provide a true refreshing sensation in the mouth. Thanks to the slim format, this nicotine pouch fits comfortably under your lip for an optimal effect.

Experience the ultimate combination of comfort, medium intensity and delicious taste. After using the ACE. Superwhite Eucalyptus, chances are you understand the hype surrounding this product all too well.

Test it yourself and order your own stock of the nicotine pouches from ACE. Super White Eucalyptus!

Product details



Producer: Ministry of Snus
Type: All white



Extra strong



Nicotine content:


Number of pouches per tray: 24 pouches
Net weight per pouch: 0.5 grams

Net weight per tray:

13 grams

Gross weight per tray:

30 grams
Available since: 2019
Manufacturer: Ministry of snus

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