Nicotine pouches, you may have heard of them. These are small bags with nicotine and an added taste, which provide an intense experience. However, you should not confuse them with snus, because they contain tobacco and that is not the case with pouches. Do you want more information about buying nicotine pouches in Austria? Then read on quickly!

What are nicotine pouches?

Pouches are small, comfortable pouches that you simply place between your upper lip and gums. These bags contain nicotine along with a flavor of your choice. The moment saliva reaches the bag, the intense flavor will be released. Which flavor this is, is of course entirely up to you.

Because the nicotine pouches are so popular at the moment, there are also many brands to be found. These brands all have different flavors of pouches in their range, so that there is something delicious for everyone. If you are a fruit lover, you can think of orange, strawberry, berries or a tropical combination. Do you prefer a fresh taste in your mouth? Then think of peppermint or mint, or one of the many combinations of these.

In addition, there are also flavors that you don't come across very often. Nicopods with licorice flavor for example. But also cola or a Mojito cocktail is certainly possible.

How do you determine the amount of nicotine?

You decide how much nicotine should be in the pouches. If you have always smoked, you should have a higher nicotine level than someone who does this purely for the kick, and has never smoked a cigarette. If you are not sure how much nicotine you should go for, you can of course also build it up. This way you will notice quickly enough with which amount you get that kick you are looking for.

It may also be the case that you want to start using the nicopods to stop smoking. In that case, it is wise to start with the level that you also have with your cigarettes or shag. You can then add less nicotine with each order. Eventually you will come to the point that you have to order pouches without nicotine, and this is also possible. This then only contains the taste, and no further nicotine or other substances.

Buy nicotine pouches Austria

In addition to nicotine pouches with a taste, or pouches without nicotine, you can also go for other pouches. For example, there are pouches to which BDC oil has been added. This can be very soothing for some people and help with concentration. It is important that you do not take too much of this in one day, because then the effect can actually have the opposite effect. Are you unsure about which pouches you should order? Then think about what exactly you are looking for. Is it really that kick, do you want to stop smoking or do you want to become more relaxed?