You may not have heard of it, but chances are that you have already learned something about it. Nicotine pouches are small pouches filled with nicotine and a flavour, and are becoming increasingly popular throughout Europe. You might think of snus when you think of pouches, but this is not the same. Snus contains tobacco, and pouches contain only nicotine and a flavour. Buy Nicotine pouches in France? Read more about it here!

Nicopods, how does it work exactly?

The use of nicopods, also called nicotine pouches or bags, is very simple. A pouch is nothing more than a small bag of nicotine and a flavor of your choice. This pouch is so small that it can be comfortably placed between your upper lip and gums. The moment saliva reaches the bag, the flavors will be released, which makes for an intense experience.

Because the pouches are so popular, there are also many brands to be found. All these brands then also have various flavors in their range, so there is a good chance that there will always be a flavor that suits you perfectly. There are well-known flavors such as menthol, peppermint and mint in different strengths, but also fruit flavors and pouches with a special taste. Think of the taste of a cocktail or of licorice.

The amount of nicotine in the pouches

You decide how much nicotine is in your nicopods. In addition to the different flavors, each brand also has pods with different strengths. Ideal, because if you have never smoked you do not need a lot of nicotine. On the other hand, if you've smoked heavily for years, the minimum nicotine level will not be enough for you.

However, this is also ideal if you want to stop smoking. By first ordering pods with the normal nicotine level, and then gradually reducing this. By choosing nicopods with just a little less nicotine with every order, you reduce your addiction without even realizing it. Eventually you end up with pouches without nicotine, but only with a taste.

Buy Nicotine pouches France

Would you like to buy nicotine pouches because you are curious about the product, want to experience the experience or because you are looking for a way to quit smoking? Then that is an excellent choice. The range is large, but new brands and flavors are still being added. In principle, you could try out a different flavor for every order, so that you can find out what your ideal taste is.

However, keep in mind the nicotine level. Especially if you have never received nicotine, you do not need much of this to experience that intense experience. You don't notice it much do you? Then you know you have to order a little more next time.