GRANT Extreme Edition Ice Blueberry
GRANT Extreme Edition Ice Blueberry
  • 50 mg/g

  • Berry

  • Slim

GRANT Extreme Edition Ice Blueberry

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One of the standout features of Grant Extreme Nicotine Pouches is the 50 mg/g nicotine strength. This high nicotine content ensures that users get a satisfying nicotine hit that lasts longer than other brands in the market. The pouches are also discreet, making them perfect for use anywhere, anytime.

The nice blueberry flavor of the new Grant Nicotine Pouches is another reason why it is quickly becoming a favorite among users. The blueberry flavor is not too sweet or overpowering, making it an ideal choice for those who want a subtle taste. The taste is long-lasting, ensuring that users enjoy the flavor throughout the duration of use.