If you choose bank transfer when placing an order, you will see the steps you need to go through to make the transfer during the confirmation screen.

Because we receive a lot of emails because it is not entirely clear, we will explain below how to make a bank transfer.

We will only send the orders as soon as the outstanding amount has been credited to our account, this usually happens within 24 hours and takes no longer than 48 hours.

1. Open up your online banking app or account.

2. Enter the amount of your order (you will find this in the confirmation email).

3. Enter our company name:
NextGen Distribution Group s.r.o.
and our IBAN:
LT05 3250 0632 5616 9502

4. Mention your order number (this can be found in the confirmation email) in the description.

As soon as we have received the payment, you will receive a confirmation from us shortly followed by an email with tracking information to follow your package.

We are currently working hard on a solution to simplify the process. If you have any questions about bank transfer, please send an email to info@pouches.eu