SKRUF Super White #3 Polar – 12mg/g
  • 12mg/g

  • Mint

  • Slim

SKRUF Super White #3 Polar – 12mg/g

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Skruf Polar #3
The Skruf Polar fully meets the needs of the lover of a strong nicotine pouch with an unexpectedly creative taste. The reason for this is the combination of mint, licorice and eucalyptus that comes to the fore when using the pouch!

This unique flavor combination is additionally accompanied by a 12 mg/g nicotine intensity. So if you like a slightly stronger option, the Skruf Polar is just right for you.

Experience the fresh feeling of the mint present and enjoy the extra notes of licorice and eucalyptus. An ultra-comfortable experience thanks to the slim size of the nicotine pouch. It fits perfectly under the lip!

Do you feel good just thinking about the Skruf Polar? Then act on the word and get this unique product now!

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Mint, liquorice and eucalyptus



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