Thunder Cool Mint
  • 13.75 mg/g (11 mg/pouch)

  • Mint

  • Slim

Thunder Cool Mint

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Thunder Cool Mint Slim is a strong nicotine pouch with a fresh peppermint taste. This product is the most gentle in the Thunder range in flavour and strength. The peppermint has a nice cooling effect that is not overpowering and has a smooth, slightly sweet taste. With 11 mg/pouch (13.75 mg/g), you can expect a powerful but controlled hit.

You can easily conceal the slim, 0.8-gram pouches under your lip and enjoy discreet satisfaction anywhere you like. Whether in a club, at the office or on public transport, you can rest assured that no one will notice. What's more, the soft, smooth material used guarantees comfort and no irritation throughout use. You can count on this product to crush your craving fast, as the nicotine and flavour get delivered immediately, thanks to the optimal moisture, salt and pH levels. Also, your teeth will remain white before, during and after use because there is zero tobacco in the pouches.